Hoot, Man! Hoot!

Aye.  ‘Tis a fine day, ’tis.  Ah cannae believe I unearthed a genuine first edition of Captain Kilt & Lad Boy!  The skinny malinky longlegs be the aforementioned Captain Kilt and the wee dobber answers to Lad Boy.  Sure’in their adventures be rife with paps and arse and ridding the streets of fanniebaws.  Pure dead brilliant!

Ach!  Me bum’s oot the windae.

Ah need a pint.


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2 Responses to Hoot, Man! Hoot!

  1. Anne-Rose Coyle says:

    Watcha mean, yah needs a pint. A pint of what would that be? The shenenigans better be stopping.

    Your MATHA

  2. Moose Ninja says:

    Ach du liebe!!!!

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