An Apple-tite for Destruction

This is Pernell.  I met him at lunch one day.  He was the last thing I expected to find when I bit into that Panera Bread apple – – but there he was – – smiling back at me.

“Holy Beans!” I thought.  “Sorry for biting off part of your face like that!”

“That’s okay, friend!”  he reassured me.  “I’m not really a talking apple.  In fact I’m not really anything at all.  In fact-fact, I’m not even real.   I’m just a friendly reminder that your imagination has gone all overload-y like that scene in Ghostbusters where the butthole from the EPA rides into town on a horse named ‘Warrant’ and shuts down the ghost containment unit.”

You know what?  That fake talking-apple figment had a point.  How interesting – – how funny ha-ha – – to heed such wisdom from something that didn’t even exist.  Light up the “no vacancy” sign at Moose Ninja’s Imagination Station.

And here’s an interesting poser.  If something is real to you and only you – – does that mean it really is real?  Maybe everyone else is eating from the bucket of extra fried crazy for not seeing it.  There’s no right or wrong answer – – except the one that makes the most sense to you.

Many moons ago, I introduced you to Russell.  Today I am reminded of his teachings.  Where is all this leading to?  Why, Brian Hall’s blog o’ wonder, of course.

Stop on by, and tell him ol’ Moose Ninja sent you!

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4 Responses to An Apple-tite for Destruction

  1. Brian says:

    I am mesmerized by this post. I will always love hearing about times when Russel, Pernell or any other of their ilk come to visit you.

    And thanks for the shout out!

  2. Moose Ninja says:

    Anything to win the praises of Lord Brian of Hall.

  3. Anne-Rose Coyle says:

    …if something is real to you and only you, then it is real to you, and only you.

    Why is Pernell looking so ragged around the edges??

  4. Moose Ninja says:

    ‘Cuz he shot his no good mouth off!!!


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