Super-est of the Superbowl

Afternoon, all!  It’s been a while since my last post as much of my time has been spent preparing for and recovering from various Groundhog Day festivities.

I’m thinking of starting my own religion where February 2nd marks some sort of day of purification or some junk.  We’ll celebrate by only eating Nutter Butters and drinking strawberry malts from the Habit.  We’ll call it Punxsutawneyism.  It’ll still be a religion with its foundation in God and all that good stuff – – but our new year won’t begin until a fat rat named Phil pokes his head out of a hole in the ground.

Hmm.  With a little more thought, this could really turn into something worth my time.

So whilst I purposefully ponder the probable pros of Punxsutawneyism, I invite you to pass a cheery minute or two watching my two favorite commercials unveiled during last weekend’s Superbowl.

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