Movies 101: Twister (1996)

Jan de Bont’s piece de whooshing resistance is a blustery tale of a marriage-rekindled swirling against the backdrop of a spirited squad of southerners and their tornado taunting antics. Equal parts cornball and cool, the Bill Paxton/Helen Hunt-led adventure is big budget fun at a time when break-the-bank flicks still had healthy morsels of humanity and charm. With mind-blowing special effects that drop the shame-hammer on the lazy efforts of today, and a superb musical score from Mark Mancina, Twister is fantastical, funnel-filled thrill ride that encourages audiences to have as much fun watching it as everyone involved had making it.

Grade:  A


And this one of my favorite camera moves from any movie ever. Not only did they have to time the crop duster flying by, but if you pay attention, the actors are actually performing their dialogue when the camera gets close enough. The finished product is so sweeping and elegant – – but thinking of all the work that went into, well, making it work – – it makes your head spin around like a twister. PUN!

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