Super-est of the Superbowl

Afternoon, all!  It’s been a while since my last post as much of my time has been spent preparing for and recovering from various Groundhog Day festivities.

I’m thinking of starting my own religion where February 2nd marks some sort of day of purification or some junk.  We’ll celebrate by only eating Nutter Butters and drinking strawberry malts from the Habit.  We’ll call it Punxsutawneyism.  It’ll still be a religion with its foundation in God and all that good stuff – – but our new year won’t begin until a fat rat named Phil pokes his head out of a hole in the ground.

Hmm.  With a little more thought, this could really turn into something worth my time.

So whilst I purposefully ponder the probable pros of Punxsutawneyism, I invite you to pass a cheery minute or two watching my two favorite commercials unveiled during last weekend’s Superbowl.

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Officially Official: The MovieFilm Podcast

(Due to the success of our bi-weekly passion podcast, we the Mr. Boy Productions crew have slapped together the official website for the show.  See below:)

Greetings, you savvy interwebbers!  The cosmic forces of cyberspace have lured you to the launch of!  Oh, it’s no accident.  The fine folks at Mr. Boy Productions are officially into the podcast game and would like to cordially invite you to be a part of the magic, mayhem, and magical mayhem that is The MovieFilm Podcast!

What is The MovieFilm Podcast, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

The MovieFilm Podcast. . . is a podcast. . . where we talk about. . . movies.

Consider your mind blown.  And while you’re at it, feel free to explore this here web page.  And while you’re at THAT, feel free to check us out on iTunes and FacebookAnd if you REALLY want to be a part of the karmic balance between all things man and podcast, we encourage you to leave comments, opinions, and a star-rating or two when the situation presents itself.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy listening!

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Movies 101: Flight

Robert Zemeckis’s return trip to live-action directing arrived in the form of an intensely engaging and surprisingly grown-up fare that did not suffer from the absence of the fantastical storybook elements so prominent in the director’s “classic” achievements.  Denzel Washington is an absolute force as an accidental hero battling his crippling inner demons.  His magnetic screen presence makes it an effortless, yet frustrating task to root for a man who makes all the wrong decisions.  Zemeckis has once more proven his mastery behind the camera and has further solidified his place as one of the great cinematic storytellers of all time.

Grade: A-

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Mr. Boy Productions Reloaded!

Yesiree, Bob and Bobettes!  Allow me to introduce the new-look website for Mr. Boy Productions (aka “the Sean, Zaki, and Brian doing cool movie stuff together website”).  Thanks to the blossoming fanbase for our MovieFilm podcast (which is now part of the ol’ Facebook), the time was right to overhaul the Mr. Boy hub and spice it up with new content and Photoshoppy goodness.

Feel free to swing on by and spend all day there!

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Who Loves Podcasts? I Do! I Do!

Guten tag, aloha, buenos dias, and what’s up?!?!  Well it happened.  It finally happened.  Not only did my fellow Mr. Boy-ingtons and I make good on the promise of a movie themed audio podcast – – but now we’re already four episodes in!

It is what we, in “the biz” refer to as “commitment to a bit.”

Anyhoo, I figured since the episodes are fixin’ to pile up faster than a . . . something . . . that is . . . pretty fast . . . I have decided to announce the activation of a new button on the ol’ Moose Hub.

Behold the “Podcast” button above!

Episode 4 will go live tomorrow, 9/10/12!  Following episodes will be released every other Monday.  And if you ever have trouble with the links provided, The MovieFilm Podcast is also available for download and live streaming on iTunes.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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MovieFilm Podcast: Episode 2 “In Ah’Nold We Trust”

Afternoon, all!  Episode 2 of The MovieFilm Podcast is now live!  This week we dip our toesies in a bit of Hobbit news, gab about the new James Bond trailer, and wax poetic on the good and bad of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

MovieFilm Podcast – Episode 2 – “In Ah’nold We Trust”
Click here to download from iTunes!


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MovieFilm Podcast: Episode 1 “Talkin’ About Batman”

Welcome, friends!  It’s the MovieFilm Podcast!  What is the MovieFilm Podcast, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Are you ready to have your mind blown?  I thought so.  Here goes.

The MovieFilm Podcast. . . is a podcast. . . where we talk about. . . movies.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?!?!

Yes indeedy.  Brian, Zaki, and I finally got around to doing something productive with our time – – (and more importantly, following through on one of our often-talked-about yet rarely realized creative endeavors) – – recording our very own podcast show for all the world to git’ partakin’.

On a technical level, it’s a little rough around the edges while we work on perfecting a way to make three guys who live many miles apart to sound like they’re in the same room.  But if you like movies, and you like hearing people talk about movies, and even if you just like saying “movies,” then hopefully this is right up your alley.

MovieFilm Podcast – Episode 1 – “Talkin’ About Batman”
Click here to download from iTunes!


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Movies 101: The Dark Knight Rises

The conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy left me stewing in a sense of “pretty good. . . but. . .”  A marvelous accomplishment in cinematic epic-ness;  The Dark Knight Rises stumbled to satisfy my caped cravings story-wise when the titular hero is revealed to be a selfish, hypocritical rich boy who doesn’t deserve the good graces of the city he vowed to protect.  After the mind-blowing aerial escape (easily the highlight of show) this Bat-pic becomes more contrived, cluttered and sloppy, one Bane speech at a time, and ultimately suffocates under the limitations enforced by Hollywood’s ridiculous Trilogy Playbook.

Grade as an epic-action-drama-type movie:  A-

Grade as a Batman movie:  C+

Perhaps Mr. Nolan was too focused on this to give a damn about Batman anymore:

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Movies 101: Prometheus

Ridley Scott’s “it’s not an Alien prequel” Alien prequel looks amazing and sounds amazing but ultimately buckles under the weight of a dumb, stupid, sloppy mess of a script, that unnecessarily tries to force itself into being an Alien prequel .  A tale bereft of logic and emotionally weightless,  where every character-defining obstacle is resolved with swift reckless abandon rather than built upon for dramatic resonance, proves screenwriters Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts either had no idea what they were doing or no respect for their audience – – neither of which will give me back my twelve bucks.

Grade:  D


And now to wash the horrible taste out of my mouth. . .

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Trailer Time: Flight

Let’s just cut right to the chase.  Show of hands – – who here is super excited for a new live-action Robert Zemeckis movie?  Let’s see – – one, two, fifteen, four hundred – – looks like everybody.  Let the record show that you are all brilliant and unusually attractive.

Me?  I celebrate the man’s entire catalogue.  Well, the movies with real people anyway.  And after a brief leg on the Filmmakers Who Love to Obsess Over One Idea Tour (sponsored by George Lucas and James Cameron), the man who brought us Back to the Future, Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump, and Cast Away has clawed his way back from the brink of hyper-realistic animation madness and is once again bringing characters to life who can actually love him back.

Now, I’d like you to all join me in an exercise.  Begin by begging the question “how could this get any better?”  Okay.  Now imagine you’re holding the news of a new Robert Zemeckis movie in one hand.  Now imagine you’re holding Denzel Washington in the other hand.  Now, clap your hands together, jump up and down and say “WEEEEEEE!”

It’s like that old tale of the sea says, “Denzell makes everything better.” Especially when his character’s name is Whip Whitaker.  And even most-est especially-est when he wears sunglasses and looks into the sky while Gimmie Shelter by The Rolling Stones is rockin’ through your computer speakers.

(You betcha’.  This image and “a film by Robert Zemeckis” is all the motivation I need.)

Clear all runways.  Flight lands November 2nd, 2012 at a theatre near you.

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