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Don’t Wake the Dragon!

Once upon a time there was a man named Spielberg. After the ridiculous success of Jaws, Close Encounters, and . . . some movie about raiders and a guy named “Idaho”. . . or maybe it was “Indiana”. . . … Continue reading

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The Milk Man Cometh

‘Tis been quite a few fortnights since last I blogged.  Stuff happens.  Life happens.  My wife and I bought a house.  What do you want from me? In the spirit of neighbors and hoods – – being a full-blown, tax-paying, … Continue reading

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Zee Doktor

As my immune system was working overtime, picking off cold cells with germ-killing sniper fire and leaving me a heaping mess of drip and drool – – I discovered that, while recovering from the mother of all colds, being hopped up on … Continue reading

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Old Fish Guy: In Color

  Well now I’ve done it.  I found a weird old sketch of a weird old man holding a stick with a fishbowl on it – – decided to color it in – – and have now created something I … Continue reading

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Hidden in the Sand

Behold. The official music video for Tally Hall’s “Hidden in the Sand.” Animation director, Steve Loter (of Kim Possible and Ren & Stimpy fame) asked me to cut this one together for him after we worked together on a pilot … Continue reading

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MooseHub.com is Online!

Hello, friends. Many of you are used to seeing my (rather infrequent) posts via a portal in the Mr. Boy Productions universe.  Well times change, lads become gents, and a guy who likes moose decided to start a new blog … Continue reading

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